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Monday, February 3, 2014


Stock is for suckers, make mine Custom!

Ever hear the phrase you get what you pay for?  Well, when shopping for a new PC it couldn't be more true.  Gone are the days when you could get a custom built PC from a little shop around the corner for half the price of one from a major manufacturer at a big box store.  The big boys moved their operations overseas, and started using far cheaper, lower quality components to crush their mom-n-pop competitors.

What you, dear reader, were left with was an inferior product at only a small discount, if any at all.  Now you should Rage against the Machine, escape corporatism and maximization of profits from this industry by opting for one of many sweet custom-built computers. With you in mind, the benefits of these hand-built beauties heavily outweighs the competition. 

Complete control over the components that make up each custom build is key. Never again do you have to sacrifice quality in order to receive the same parts you would building your own computer. Not only that, but down to the motherboard and case, you can pick and choose the components you need, not receive what the company thinks would be best. 

Keep in mind, each and every computer manufacturer can and will cheap out on certain portions of a computer they sell you. It's absolutely a guarantee that the motherboard, power supply, and RAM in a major manufacturer's PC is the most mediocre component they can source at the cheapest prices.  Definitely not the case when you build from scratch.  Preventative measures can be taken when the computer is built to prolong the life of any computer. With pre-built desktops, you’re going to see components that mismatch in reliability with the other pieces to the computer, leading to planned obsolescence.

From the very beginning of the custom built process, the entire computer is built with you in mind. Ever wanted a lit up case, drowning in blue or red lights, shining in the night like some sort of ghoul? You can have that done. What goes into the computer is built around your needs and what could be needed in the future. Let's not forget the Operating System.  Pretty much every new PC comes preloaded with Windows 8 nowadays.  With a custom build, you can get Windows 7, no problem.  Heck you even want XP or Vista (although who in their right mind would), they're yours for the asking.  And you always get a clean install without the bloatware pre-installed as major manufacturers feel is some sort of preordained necessity.

So whether it’s your need for power, speed, or reliability, custom built PC’s are the way to go. With the whole process being about you, is there really any question about which to go with? Not only do you choose the case and what goes inside, but you get the satisfaction of a clean and neat build, with easy upgradability, and a sense of control you're not going to get from an assembly line PC.

Now if you need a little help getting yourself into one of these beauties, I know just the guys.

As Always,

I'm not a Geek.  I'm your friend.  And I'm here to help.

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