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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Ever wonder why your hard drive actually crashed?

You know it's happened to you. If it hasn't, you probably know someone who it has happened to. That's right - a good old fashioned hard drive crash. It always comes at the worst of times. Right when you've got that big paper or report due. And of course you don't have a solid backup either - you'd always planned on getting to it eventually, right?

Now comes the tough part. Recovery may range from some relatively simple software based recovery tools all the way to that horribly expensive data recovery lab doing all the heavy lifting. In the process of doing all sorts of computer repairs and data recovery here in the greater Los Angeles area, we've seen it all, and it's seldom pleasant. Now our good friends at DriveSavers have come up with an awesome little web demonstration of just what causes that blasted hard drive to take a dump on you in the first place. Check it out, it's actually pretty cool (nerd alert):

Now if you have any Data Recovery questions be they Mac, PC, or any removable drive or storage questions, and you're in the Los Angeles area, feel free to drop by our West Hollywood Computer Repair shop and we'll be glad to give you a no charge, no obligation evaluation. Should your recovery require an invasive recovery, we'll be glad to facilitate getting your drive to DriveSavers and let them do their magic. If I had the winning lotto numbers on my crashed hard drive, DriveSavers would be the only company I'd trust to get it back.

Want to know more about DriveSavers? Check this out:

Brought to you by DriveSavers Data Recovery

See you soon in the 90046!

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