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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Meet Kobe - the Newest Member of our Team!

Stan’s Tech Garage started out as a single dog Computer Repair Business serving the people of Los Angeles. So what's better than a single dog - you guessed it - 2 dogs! And while Reese will always remain my first love, Mrs. Stan's Tech Garage wanted a snuggly, little, well-behaved buddy for Reese. Well he's snuggly and little, so I suppose 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

We found Kobe through the Jack Russell Rescue who'd picked him up on the mean streets of Pasadena, and he's become a big part of the family ever since. His computer skills are limited to sniffing out crumbs buried inside them, but we decided to keep him just the same. And while he and Reese have had their little dog issues here and there, I think she's really grown fond of him too.

So just like Reese, here's the 411 on Kobe:

Sex: Male

Breed: 100% Parson Russell Terrier - The King of the Jacks!

Age: 2

Hair: White with Black and Brown

Eyes: Brown

Sign: Leo

Weight: A Hearty 25 Pounds

Favorite Treat: Any that fall from the table

Favorite Toy: He's a terrier, he makes for his own excitement

Favorite Place: In bed with Mommy and Daddy

Favorite Movie: Any so long as he doesn't get kicked out of bed

Favorite Actor: Moose (played Eddie on Frazier)

Best Friend: Reese (begrudgingly)

Likes: Food, Playtime, People, Walks, Hikes, Belly Rubs, People

Dislikes: Baths, Being Scolded, Leashes, Bigger Dogs

So that's Kobe. He insists on alerting us whenever someone enters the shop. He may bark or growl, but that's just the terrier in him, he means it as a sign of affection. For real!

So next time you’re shopping for some computer services in Los Angeles (or you’re just at the Whole Foods in West Hollywood), Kobe wants you to come on in an say hi (hopefully with a treat). He may just barely get over the counter, but worry not, he'll make sure you realize he's there.

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It's awesome to see Kobe doing great and that he is loved so well. Love the photo of him being spooned by Reese!
With much love from Russell Rescue,
Julia, Joseph, Casey and Friday
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